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Are you choosing the right gun and looking for advice? In that case, continue reading. We will offer you particular information about why to choose GLOCK pistols

  • weight: because of using special plastic from hardened polymer (nylon 6) for the frame, it's more than 86% lighter than a comparable pistol made from steel. A frame made in this way has several parameters equal or better than a steel one. This inludes: anticorrosive properties, high durability, and they work in conditions from -40 to +200 °C. Last, but not least, the polymer frame is lower cost and needs almost no maintenance.
  • simplicity: the whole weapon is made from only 35 parts, which lowers the chance of malfunctions and jams. Models also have a lot of common parts which are interchangeable.
  • low recoil: the weight of the weapon is divided in a 80:20 manner (slide:frame). The heavy slide absorbs, along with the resistance of the return spring, part of the recoil. Also, the polymer frame has supressing abilities, decreasing the number of high frequency vibrations.
  • durability of the weapon: if we compare GLOCK pistols with Czech CZ, we will come to those conclusions: GLOCK pistols have a basic warranty of 30,000 rounds or five years (whichever comes first). In comparison CZ pistols have a basic warranty of only two years. However, the CZ manufacturer states the durability of the weapon as 12-15,000 rounds. If we compare these two statements, we found that GLOCK has WARRANTY conditions reflecting twice the DURABILITY of a CZ. The durability of GLOCK pistols is at the level of hundreds of thousands, and there are cases of over 300,000 rounds shot.
  • barrel bore: special hexagonal or octagonal bore, compared to common guns, does not have sharp edges, which results in less barrel wear and higher muzzle velocity and energy. We cannot forget to mention also the very simple maintenance (cleaning) of the barrel.
  • surface finishing: surface finishing of all metal parts is made by teniferation, which is technological process leading to hardness comparable with technical diamond, leading to almost 100% rust resistance (7x more resistance against rust than stainless steel), minimal wear and above-average durability. This special protection stays even after wiping off the standard surface finishing (standard black Parkerizing).
  • Safe Action system: the system of GLOCK trigger mechanisms offers several advantages compared to classical double action mechanisms. First, the owner has the option to choose from number of levels of trigger resistance, always with the same smooth movement. Finally, the trigger is the only part allowing control of all three safeties (trigger, firing pin and drop safety). These safeties are independent and automatic. When you squeeze the trigger, safeties start to deactivate one by one, and after the shot, when the trigger is in original position, safeties are activated again and the weapon is again secured.
  • magazines: magazines made from plastic are more comfortable while loading than a steel one. Plastic reduces finger cuts from sharp edges, which is unpleasant especially in cold weather, and that leads to worse shooting results. Another perk is the ability to see the loaded number of rounds, which increases your peace of mind.