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If you firmly decided to apply for a firearm licence, including the selection of appropriate type/group, make sure you keep all necessary forms and follow up following procedure:
  • begin the application process you must fill out the form called: Přihláška ke zkoušce odborné způsobilosti uchazeče o vydání zbrojního průkazu (skupiny A až E) (Application form for the Competency Certification Test). Please use upper case and print legibly. Completed applications must be brought in person during business hours to the appropiate police department in the county where you reside,
  • by law, the Competency Certification Test must be announce within 1 month from the date of registration. You must be announced no later than 10 days before the date of examination
  • in case you passed the test successfully, the examination officer will provide you with certificate called Doklad o osvědčení odborné způsobilosti žadatele o vydání ZP
  • visit a general practitioner (family doctor) you are registered with. If the result of medical examination is „capable to hold and carrry the weapon“, your doctor will issue for you the certificate called Posudek o zdravotní způsobilosti k držení zbrojního průkazu (Certificate of Medical Capability)
  • then fill out the form called Žádost o vydání zbrojního průkazu, resp. prodloužení platnosti zbrojního průkazu (skupiny A až F) (Firearm Licence Application Form) and bring it to appropriate police department together with Competency Test Certificate (no older than 1 year), Certificate of Medical Capability (no older than 3 months) and 1 photo (35x45mm). The police have 30 days to issue your licence, by law.
How much it costs:
  • examination officer fee CZK 600, by law - this amount is due to be paid before the test is opened
  • certification test charge approximately CZK 1,200 - time spent at the range, hire of the gun or guns, ammunition etc.
  • medical examination fee around CZK 400. This amount may vary. For ixample, if your doctor will decide you have to pass also psychological examination the fee may simply exceed CZK 1,000
  • administration fee CZK 700 per each licence type/group
As per above you can see that total cost for getting of the firearm licence is around CZK 3,600 (approx. $180). On the top of this you may also spend around CZK 1,000 per each licence type/group for optional training course. This amount also does not cover the charges for eventual psychological examination.

Note: taken from ULL and translated, information applicable to an amendment from 1 July 2014