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Because it is a common practice of every responsible handgun owner to regularly practice - or to take part in various shooting competitions, like LOS (Popular Defensive Shooting), IDPA etc. – we would like to offer condition trainings of MujGLOCK to whole shooter’s community.

WHEN: Every second Friday in month
Training starts at 7:00 PM, every second Friday in month. These trainings could be held more often in case of major interest. We kindly ask all applicants to come at least 20 minutes in advance.

WHERE: AVIM shooting range in Prague
Shooting range is situated close to Florenc underground station (map here). It could be reached easily by tube and short walk, or simply by car (parking available).

PROGRAMME: based on needs of present shooters
All trainings are individual and are always based on agreement of all present shooters, including following types of exercises
  • Safety routines – finger outside of trigger guard, movements with gun etc.
  • Drill trainings – drawing, pointing at target, aiming, reloading etc
  • Cover using, shooting from behind cover, horizontal and vertical covering
  • Tactic target solving – sequence, distance
  • And other – any thoughts are welcomed!
HOW MUCH: the hourly price is 100 CZK per shooter
The price includes shooting range hire and targets with seals. Bring your own hearing and vision protection – or you borrow some here for money.

RULES: the following regulations are obligatory for all shooters
Any rule break will be punished by immediate expulsion of violator from training without compensation. All shooters participates the training at one’s own expense and risk and are fully responsible for all harms and sufferings done.
  • You have to carry your gun in holster, keep it unloaded and without magazine all the time
  • You can load your gun only when directed by training leader, in firing position only.
  • Gun manipulation allowed only when ordered to
  • Ammo and magazine manipulation allowed
  • Safe gun manipulation demanded when shooting
  • Maximal capacity of shooting range is 6 persons at a time. Other shooters will be rescheduled an hour later
APPLICATIONS: watch the Meeting section in forum - http://forum.mujglock.com/viewforum.php?f=7

REFRESHMENTS: restaurant on the premises
You can buy drinks at shooting range, or visit nearby restaurant (in the same building).