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Promotional materials GLOCK

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Kinds of MujGLOCK membership:

Standard VIP
annual fee $35 / 25 EUR $70 / 50 EUR
club card In membership In membership
LEX starting fee discount In membership In membership
SSK SWAMP membership In membership In membership
SSK SWAMP starting fee discount In membership - 50% In membership - 100%
MujGLOCK promotional items discount In membership - 8% In membership - 15%
discount at partner shops In membership - smaller In membership - bigger
email ???@MujGLOCK.com In membership In membership
webspace http://???.MujGLOCK.cz Not in membership In membership - 100 MB
space in Photogallery In membership - 100 MB In membership - 400 MB
access to audio and video section In membership In membership

Additional information:

  • membership fee depends on membership type for current calendar year.
  • first issue of plastic member card costs 8 USD / 5 EUR, every other year stamp is glued on the back side of the card.
  • change of membership type is possible, but payment for new card is needed.
  • access to email: ???@MujGLOCK.com, which will be forwarded to your current email.
  • access to webspace: http://???.MujGLOCK.cz (forward possible). PHP capable, ad-free.
  • discounts for promotional items (t-shirts, stickers..).
  • discounts are only for members with valid club card. Current offer of discounts can be found in Partners section.
  • opportunity to attend all club events.